Monday 26 May 2014

Shirley Price Aromatherapy at Beauty UK

The Shirley Price Aromatherapy mobile salon came to Birmingham NEC for Beauty UK May 18, 19 2014 with holistics, treatments and a beauty showcase by the Shirley Price staff. Ian spoke on the practical uses of essential oils and natural products to enthusiastic groups in the Beauty Hall on Sunday and the Holistics Hall on Monday.

Sunday 2 February 2014

Hydrolats, the skin and the acid mantle

Though composed of water hydrolats have a natural ph of 4-5, the same as that of the skin.  Making a moisturiser with hydrolats creates a natural ph balanced moisturiser cream.

Why is the skin naturally slightly acidic?  Skin has a protective layer of acidic oils on it, called the acid mantle. Disturbing this acidic mantle may cause many problems. That is why, we hear so much about pH balanced products. Before we proceed, let us understand what pH is.

pH is measure of acidity or alkalinity of any product. Water is neutral and has a pH of 7. Acids have pH below 7 and alkalis have pH greater than 7 up to 14. The pH of any product will be between 1 and 14. If it is acidic, its pH will be less than 7. If it is basic/alkaline, its pH will be between 7 and 14. The lower the pH of an acid the stronger it is and the higher the pH of an alkali, the stronger. it is. 

Acid mantle is a mixture of secretions of the skin on the surface of the skin. Sweat and sebum form the acid mantle. The normal skin pH is between 4 to 5.5, so it is acidic. This mixture which is acidic is called acid mantle. The acid mantle protects the skin from bacteria. Bacteria get inhibited and killed by the acid and cannot damage the skin. If you strip the skin of its acidic mantle by using strong alkaline soaps/cleansers, bacteria will find it easy to attack the skin.

Removing the acid mantle disturbs the distribution of dead cells on top of epidermis. This is called stratum corneum. The structure of cells in the dead skin cells layer gets disturbed and the bacteria find an easy passage through to the epidermis. These dead cells protect the skin against such damages. We have to arrive at a fine balance in maintenance of the skin. 

Maintaining acid mantle

  • Avoid using harsh soaps.
  • Moisturize skin frequently with a slightly acidic moisturizer.
  • Protect yourself from the sun.
  • Use pH balanced skin care products.

Friday 22 November 2013

Essential oils for top ten uses - skincare symptom sorter

Details of all Shirley Price botanical skincare products can be found at

Botanical skincare catalog  | Distributors Orderform

Shirley Price Botanical Skincare is distributed in the UK by Let Nature Provide
What Shirley Price botanical skincare product is right for me?

A poster for Shirley Price Natural Aromatherapy SkincareMuscle Pain
Clary sage, Marjoram sweet, Lavender
Soft muscle is relaxed by Rosemary

Hair growth 
A good Shirley Price scalp tonic blend contains Benzoin, Geranium, Lavender, Rosemary
Bay oil is a traditional hair tonic
Repeatedly brushing the hair is a traditional way of encouraging a health scalp.

Argan vegetable oil is recommended for hair conditioning
A useful article on essential oils for the hair

A useful article on essential oils for anxiety
Research is focussing on melissa essential oil.  One of Britain's longest living men
attributed his longevity to a daily cup of Melissa tea made with fresh leaves picked from his garden

An article on essential oils for sleep
A combination of Lavender and Vetiver is recommended. Marjoram Sweet is effective but inhibits the libido

Dry skin
Essential oil skincare chart
geranium and lavender will be at the heart of the blend.
Shirley Price facial oils.

Effective oils are juniper berry, fennel sweet and cypress
Shirley Price cellulite mix

Natural cure for headache
Stimulating oils like tea tree and eucalyptus will increase the blood supply to the brain
and can bring on headaches.
First steps with essential oils, the care for range

Lavender in cold water will reduce the pain and swelling
Arnica gel

Lavender and Tea tree on the spots

Shirley Price products can be found at

ProblemSuggested SP ProductRef.
AcneSP Clear Skin Cream →5661
Aging SkinSP Rejuvenating Night Cream →5641
SP Frankincense and Rose Cream →5630
SP Superlight Eye Cream →5640
After SunSP Clear Aloe Gel →5601
BruisingSP Arnica Gel →5610
Blotchy SkinSP Special E Moisture Cream →5662
Breathing IssuesSP Breath Easy Moisture Cream →5665
Cellulite ReductionSP Banish Cellulite →5621
Circulation IssuesSP Moisturising Minute Gel Masque →5648
Dehydrated SkinSP Almond and Sandalwood Cream →5619
Dry SkinSP Neroli Hydrating Gel →5615
SP Classic Moisture Cream →5639
SP Frankincense Pretty Serum →5637
SP Evening Primrose Cream →5628
Eye LinesSP Superlight Eye Cream →5640
SP Eye Gel for Line Relief →5602
Eczema & Problematical SkinSP Special E Moisture Cream →5662
Exfoliation (Reaction To)SP Cypress Exfoliating Cream Masque →5649
Exfoliation (Dry Skin)SP Post-Epilation Moisture Cream →6018
Facial LinesSP Frankincense and Rose Cream →5630
Foot Problems…
→ Put a Spring Back!SP Warming Foot Cream →5609
→ DeodorisingSP Deodorising Foot Cream →5603
→ Exfoliating Dry SkinSP Exfoliating Foot Cream →5604
→ Nourish Dry SkinSP Foot Reflex Cream →5605
→ Re-InvigorateSP Peppermint Footagel →5606
→ Reduce SwellingSP Relaxing Foot Cream →5608
→ Tired And AchingSP Warmagel →5614
→ Athletes FootSP Fungagel →5617
Fungal InfectionsSP Tea Tree Cream →5632
InflammationSP Borage Gel to Re-Moisturise →5611
Itchy SkinSP Lavender Gel →5613
SP Clear Aloe Gel →5601
SP Comfrey Cream →5626
Mature SkinSP Moisturising Honey Masque →5647
Oily SkinSP Clear Skin Cream →5661
Puffy EyesSP Facial Treat Rejuvenator →5652
Red Skin PatchesSP Smoothagel/Rosegel →5616
Rosy Cheeks and/or NoseSP Smoothagel/Rosegel →5616
Scaly SkinSP Tea Tree Cream →5632
Scar CareSP Scar Repair Moisture Cream →5663
SP Facial Treat Rejuvenator →5652
Sensitive or Sore SkinSP Hypericum Cream →5631
SP Aloe Vera Special Cream →5620
SprainsSP Comfrey Cream →5626
Stretch MarksSP Care for Stretch Marks (125ml ready-mixed oil) →2104
SunburnSP Clear Aloe Gel →5601
Visible VeinsSP Visible Veins Moisture Cream →5666
In addition, for those who choose to use only natural products on their skin, the following 'every-day use' Shirley Price Natural Aromatherapy products are also in regular demand…
Make-Up RemoverSP Classic Cleansing Cream →5634
SP Classic Cleansing Milk →5635
Night Time Skin TreatSP Rejuvenating Night Cream →5641
Toning LotionSP Classic Toning Lotion →5636
Hand CareSP Hand & Body Lotion →5653
MoisturiserSP Classic Moisture Lotion →5638
SP Classic Moisture Cream →5639
SP Echinacea Cream →5627
Eye DropsSP Chamomile Eye Care →6022
RelaxationSP Chamomile Cream →5625
Anti-BacterialSP Tea Tree Cream →5632